Created and manufactured in Springfield, Ohio, USA, the StoveTopper® was born over ten years ago for our own stove! It is still in use in our own kitchen today, faithfully supporting countless family get-togethers and busy day-to-day activities. Time tested, family approved - StoveTopper®! We make covers for all stove tops. Instead of multiple stove top burner covers, we manufacture a one-piece stove cover. Use in place of gas stove burner covers, electric stove burner covers, stove top covers for glass top stoves and stove top covers for stainless steel .

StoveTopper® Benefits

1) Cover unsightly stovetops.
2) Create
extra counter space.
3) Protect burners.
4) Protects glass top stoves.
5) Adds extra cleanliness look to kitchen.
6) Additional food prep station.

7) High quality aluminum, which makes it very sturdy.

The StoveTopper® one piece stove burner cover is the original, innovative, product that instantly transforms your range into valuable, extra counter space completely concealing burners for a more functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. 

Conventional stove burner covers only cover one or two burners at a time, not the entire range surface. With StoveTopper®'s unique, one-piece design you gain usable work space truly bringing a new dimension to your kitchen without expensive remodeling. 

Lightweight and affordable, yet strong and high quality; the StoveTopper® is constructed of durable .060-gauge aluminum, and can be used on either electric or gas ranges. StoveTopper® is available in today's most popular sizes and colors. It's finish is a durable powder-coated paint that is as attractive as it is tough. ​

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Stovetopper® One Piece Stove Top Cover

From Cooktop to countertop in seconds!

Why Stovetopper®?


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