It fits perfectly and really makes our kitchen look great now that all of the burners are covered! We are waiting to remodel so this was a great and easy way to modernize our kitchen a bit without spending too much money. High quality of materials and workmanship, well-made and sturdy with a beautiful finish. On top of an unused (and kind of ugly) stove, it's made an attractive countertop. Fits firmly and snugly, no wobbling - safe for my elderly mother. Definitely a great value, highly recommend. A.J.

My wife loves it and wishes we could have had it years ago. The quality, including the black matte finish is excellent and we were pleasantly surprised to find it underneath as well as on top. Now we can avoid storing things between the burners and spilling things down into the burners. Others with older ovens who are considering replacing their ovens to have a more attractive top when not cooking might prefer to have a Stovetopper instead (and save a lot of money). You make an excellent product which we recommend highly. ~ Wayne & Anya

WARNING: StoveTopper® is not to be used as a cooking surface. 

Be certain all burners are "OFF" when StoveTopper® is in place on top of stove. However, you can place it back on top of your stove soon after the use of your stove, as the quality of the aluminum allows the heat to disperse quickly. 

For gas stoves, it is recommended that the StoveTopper® only be used on models with electronic ignition (starters).

Use with pilot light-type stoves is not recommended.

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​We recently remodeled our kitchen, and my only complaint with my new stainless range was how visible every little crumb was that fell through the burner grates. I had no idea that a product like the Stove topper existed until a few days ago. Now, I am the proud owner of one, and I plan to spread the word. These should be at the top of "Oprah's Best Things" list. - Teri 

The week before Thanksgiving, I ordered my StoveTopper, hoping it would arrive before the big turkey day--I hosted the dinner this year. Michael stopped everything and had it in the mail to me that very day. I received it four days early, well packed and in perfect condition. He is a man of his word and I appreciate such integrity. - Barbara​​

​I received my stove topper and it is more than we expected.The workmanship is outstanding and it fits our stove perfectly. My wife now has more counter space in our kitchen. Thank you for a great product. - Gerard​​

Customer Reviews

We serve many meals buffet style, and the Stove Top becomes work/serving surface. Our new counter tops are quartz grey/white/black. Your flat black touch coating matches beautifully! To sum up: great idea, great quality, and great service at a reasonable price. Yes, I would make that decision again.

Richard and Sally Rolloff
Happy Valley, Oregon

​Thank you very much for your help in tracking my shipment back to you. I received the new stove topper and we took it to our beach cottage yesterday. It fits perfectly and makes a huge difference in the very tiny kitchen. We are very happy with it! It is a great product and we will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you again! - Sandy C.