*Warning: StoveTopper® is not to be used as a cooking surface.

Be certain all burners are "OFF" when StoveTopper® is in place on top of stove.

For gas stoves, it is recommended that the StoveTopper® only be used on models with electronic ignition (starters).
Use with pilot light-type stoves is not recommended.

StoveTopper is constructed of lightweight aluminum and is easy to handle. 

​No installation, tools, or assembly required...
​simply place on the top of your stove!

The StoveTopper helps improve the look and work versatility of your range area.

You'll love its simplicity along with the additional work space it brings to your kitchen!

Remove your StoveTopper when ready to cook and replace it when finished. It's that easy!

When not in use, StoveTopper stores conveniently beside a cabinet, refrigerator or in any narrow space.

Wipe clean with mild soap and water or non-abrasive cleanser.

Available in White, Black, Stainless Steel. 

NEW | Check out our Custom Colors!

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