Cooktop (Built-In or Island)


*Warning: StoveTopper® is not to be used as a cooking surface.

Be certain all burners are "OFF" when StoveTopper® is in place on top of stove.

For gas stoves, it is recommended that the StoveTopper® only be used on models with electronic ignition (starters).

Use with pilot light-type stoves is not recommended.

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If measuring for a stove, cooktop or range with grates, please measure the height of your burner grates.

Sizes available:

1 inch

2 inch

​2.5 inch

Customer is responsible for accurate measurements. 
Please call us at 937-324-7510 or 937-631-9285 after hours if you need any clarifications on measuring. 
Please see our 
Return Policy.

How to Measure for your Stovetopper®

If your stove's measurements are not listed below in our available sizes, please contact us for a custom size StoveTopper®.

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Gas StoveTopper

Traditional Oven / Stove / Range