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StoveTopper® FAQ's

1) Can you cook on StoveTopper®?

2) How much weight will it hold?

    50 lbs!
3) Do you have stainless?

    Yes! Click here to order
4) What is the StoveTopper® made of?

    .060 gauge aluminum
5) Will StoveTopper® work on glass top stoves?

6) Do you make a StoveTopper® for island and drop in stoves?

     Yes, either a standard or custom will fit.
7) How much does the StoveTopper® weigh?

     Depending on the size you need 6lbs to 8lbs.
8) Need answers for questions not listed?

     Please call us at 937-324-7510 or 937-631-9285 after hours

     with any questions you may have.