How to Measure for your Stovetopper®

Cooktop (Built-In or Island)

​​​​​Products on site show the width is listed before the depth. (W x D)

Width: Measure outside to outside (left to right).

Add 2" to measurement. ​​

Customer is responsible for accurate measurements. 
Please call us at 937-324-7510 or 937-631-9285 after hours if you need any clarifications on measuring. 
Please see our 
Return Policy.

If your stove's measurements are not listed below in our available sizes, please contact us for a custom size StoveTopper®.

Electric StoveTopper

Gas StoveTopper

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Depth: Measure outside to outside (front to back).

Add 1/2' to measurement. 

If measuring for a cooktop with grates, please measure the height of your burner grates.

Sizes available:

1 inch

2 inch

​2.5 inch

*Warning: StoveTopper® is not to be used as a cooking surface.

Be certain all burners are "OFF" when StoveTopper® is in place on top of stove.

For gas stoves, it is recommended that the StoveTopper® only be used on models with electronic ignition (starters).

Use with pilot light-type stoves is not recommended.