About MTS Enterprises, LLC

About Stovetopper®

The Stovetopper® one piece burner cover was built out of the need to have counter space when we weren't using our stove. Individual burner covers kept sliding off and were flimsy.

We needed something that would cover the entire surface at once and hold up to 50 pounds. Other stove top covers just weren't made with the quality that we expected, so we made our own.

Out of those needs, the StoveTopper® stove burner cover was born. 

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The drive behind MTS Enterprises, LLC is to make existing products more functional by enhancing their original purpose.

Our StoveTopper® products make built-in ranges, cooktops, or freestanding ovens more versatile, both functionally and cosmetically.

​MTS Enterprises, LLC also manufactures the PiTTopper®

a steel fire pit cover to keep your fire pit dry and provide additional serving space.

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